Vennli’s Mission

What? Vennli is a content intelligence platform.

We make it easy to understand how customers make choices so that businesses can take quick, precise actions. Ultimately, we enable businesses to accelerate growth by being different from competitors in ways important to customers.

How? We combine ongoing customer data and a proven competitive strategy model within advanced data visualization and analytics software.

Why? We passionately believe that growth results when the customer’s voice drives decision-making.



Vennli’s Story

Vennli was born in 2013 in South Bend, IN. It is the brainchild resulting from a perfect business marriage between co-founders Joe Urbany, a marketing professor at the University of Notre Dame with a proven strategy model, and Gary Gigot, a software executive with background in technology marketing and venture capital.

Joe’s three-circle strategy model has received numerous awards. You can see it featured in many publications, including the Harvard Business Review and his book, Grow by Focusing on What Matters. Over 900 MBA and Executive MBA students at Notre Dame have developed customer-driven business strategy using this model. They’ve reached their growth goals by being “different from competitors in ways important to customers.”



Customer choice drives your financial returns… so what drives customer choice?

Your financial performance is the result of customers choosing you. When organizations fumble, it’s usually because leaders misinterpret the market opportunity or customer preferences. By analyzing how your customers make choices, you can reduce risk and accelerate growth.

Vennli believes that the best strategies aren’t top-down, they’re outside-in, starting with the customers’ needs and wants. We passionately believe continuous growth will result when the customer’s voice drives decision making.


Our Accolades

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