10 ways AI-driven content intelligence drives more marketing results

The days of simply tweaking your marketing campaign, hoping to see a slight bump in performance, are coming to an end.

No matter what you’re trying to achieve — more email opens, more traffic, more interactions or more revenue, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven content intelligence gives you the ability to drive more marketing results.

Content intelligence is bringing on the next revolution in marketing — one that will help you execute marketing strategies and content that engage  customers and prospects, and drive conversions at every stage of the buyer journey.

It works by analyzing the performance of your content, identifying the gaps that are getting in the way of you making more conversions. It then presents you with a comprehensive roadmap on the specific ways that you can improve your content to get more results.

Here are 10 of the ways content intelligence helps you gain more marketing results:

1. Gain more insights about your target audience. With content intelligence, you’re able to get a deeper view of your customers and your prospects. Your brand can better understand their pains, challenges, preferences and the critical factors that will encourage them to convert. Think of it as gaining a 3D advantage of your target audience while your competitors are still limited to a 2D perspective.

2. Identify new target and offering opportunities. More insights about your customers also can help you identify new audiences you may be missing. It also can help you discover areas of pains that pave the way to additional services or products.

3. Increase the effectiveness of your brand’s content. Content intelligence’s most promising benefit is its ability to serve up the right prescription for creating more relevant content that attracts and engages customers and prospects. With that advantage, you gain the ability to better maintain a relationship with  your audiences — which is key to increasing leads, traffic and sales. 

4. Connect with your audience at the right time. Great content is not effective unless you’re getting it to your audiences at the right time. With insights delivered by your content intelligence platform, you’ll be able to identify the ideal times to deliver messaging that encourages conversions.

5. Offer the right incentives. Content intelligence can gather relevant data about your customers that sheds light on what makes them convert. It is able to identify which customer behaviors typically lead to conversions — and why. With that type of knowledge, you have the ability to launch the right promotions and incentives at specific phases in the customer journey that encourage customers and prospects to respond.

6. Identify the right media mix. Content intelligence not only gives you more insights on your content topics, it gives you guidance on the optimal formats (videos, images, text, infographics, etc.) and channels (online ads, streaming media, print, TV, webinars, etc.) to drive your results more effectively. Depending upon where your customers and prospects are in the buyer journey, the mix could be entirely different.

7. Gain consistency. Many brands suffer from a lack of consistency when creating content targeted for their customers and prospects. Even with insights gained from analytics, it’s possible to be “off�? as you make educated guesses about what will engage with your audience. And if you’re sending inconsistent content and messaging, you can turn off your audience. With content intelligence providing you with relevant insights, you have the ability to deliver content experiences in ways that come across as seamless and natural — not intrusive.

8. Identify and encourage brand ambassadors. With a content intelligence platform as your guide, your marketing team will be able to more readily identify loyal customers and brand advocates. As a result, you can take steps to leverage that brand loyalty, further engaging them through case studies, testimonials or other similar initiatives.

9. Measure your impact more effectively. Deeper data insights can help you better understand which of your strategies are most effective in gaining conversions. In that way, content intelligence helps you determine ways to improve the marketing ROI of campaigns as well as how to streamline to gain efficiencies.

10. Streamline your processes. With content intelligence guiding you to more effective marketing campaigns, you can streamline processes from content creation to messaging activation. Instead of spending time on work that isn’t effective in making connections with your audience, your marketing team can focus on the areas that will gain more results.

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Vennli is a content intelligence platform that helps marketers achieve growth objectives by delivering intelligent content, messaging and communications across the entire customer lifecycle - from awareness to advocacy. Vennli’s platform gathers real-time segmented persona data including insights about what matters most to your target market throughout the buyer journey/experience and makes intelligent recommendations on content, messaging and communication that will attract, convert and retain more customers.

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