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15 Brand Marketing Influencers To Follow On LinkedIn

Feb 2, 2016 10:30:29 AM

Brand management is a tough job, and talented brand managers and brand marketers continue to be a hot commodity.

Within larger companies, brand managers operate like a small business owner or the CEO of their brand. While they may be considered to be part of the marketing function, a brand manager is a broader strategic role that’s charged with monitoring market trends, differentiating their brand in a crowded competitive space, and providing direction for the future of the brand.

To be a good brand manager, you better be a continuous learner, because your market, your customer needs, and your role are all constantly evolving. It helps to stay in touch with some of the folks on the leading edge of the profession.

Here are some key influencers to follow on LinkedIn:

What other influencers do you follow on LinkedIn?

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