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3 Bad Habits You Can Break Immediately To Become More Productive

Nov 5, 2014 1:08:15 PM

Bad Habit

Bad habits result in lost time and energy and make you less effective with daily tasks -- both personally and professionally. Many of these bad habits have developed over the course of weeks, months, and in some cases, years.

To improve your personal efficiency, work on breaking these bad habits:

  1. Constantly refreshing email. Instead of continuously (or frequently) checking emails, set a few blocks of time for checking and responding to emails. This will allow more time for you to work and less clicking on refresh.
  2. Working in a cluttered or disorganized environment. Having a cluttered workspace impacts your ability to think clearly and can leave you feeling overwhelmed.
  3. Sitting too close to your computer. Leaning forward can cause ergonomic strain and make you feel uncomfortable as you work. You should feel relaxed and comfortable when working.

For 5 more habits you can work to change, check out the full article on

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