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3 real-life examples of how great marketing content leads to renewals and repeat purchases

Nov 5, 2019 10:57:09 AM

You’re probably reading this because a) you need to convince someone else that content marketing works, or b) you need to convince yourself. You’re in the right place. Keep reading to get inspired.

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It’s no secret that great content moves your audience through each stage of the buyer journey. But, can we actually tie it to renewals and repeat purchases? These folks can.

This is the second in our Real-life example series. Also, check out the first edition, focused on content driving sales.

#1 Proactive research studies leads to a 90% client renewal rate

Online publisher Quartz committed resources to proactive research studies as a way to provide additional value that would be of interest to past clients. These special projects focused on technological advances. This helps their agency and brand clients stay on the forefront of emerging technologies, platforms, and businesses. Quartz believes this proactive work is the primary reason they boosted renewal rates for their branded content offering to 90% (almost 3 times the industry average of 33%).


If you’re having a hard time tracking this example, let me break it down. It is all a little “meta.” What we have is Quartz, a publisher in the business of content, proactively creating their own content via research studies on emerging trends, to build relationships and demonstrate value to past clients. This value leads those clients to deepen their relationship with the Quartz creative team, which then leads to Quartz selling more of its services to produce more branded content.

The Quartz recipe for renewal-oriented content success brings together three elements:

  • A deep understanding of the needs of an important audience (their past clients)
  • A commitment by management to invest in developing content proactively (ahead of revenue)
  • A repeatable formula for creating valuable content that took advantage of the business's unique resources and point of view (in their case, research studies on emerging trends)

#2 Customers who interact with brand’s content have 41% higher renewal rates

Fair warning, this example is also going to get super “meta” when it comes to renewal content.

Content marketing technology and service provider NewsCred finds that those customers that interact with their brand’s own content are more likely to renew than those that don’t - to the tune of 41% higher renewal rates (scroll to the bottom of the article to see the Newscred stats). You’d need a pretty big content budget for that investment in content not to pay off, and that doesn’t touch the value of the other benefits NewsCred cites--higher acquisition rates and larger contract values for new clients.


Besides giving the content marketing community a pat on the pack for practicing what we preach by creating, promoting, and measuring content effectiveness, NewsCred's example stands out because it shows the value of committing to a content strategy long term.

Valuable content is not simply a lead generation tactic. Instead, it is a core part of the value that the business provides. It keeps customers engaged and coming back for more.

#3 High-customer-value webinars lead to increasing renewal rates

SEO technology platform BrightEdge had an active webinar strategy, but they were struggling to fill their webinar seats. They also struggled to see webinar attendees turning into leads and renewals. Once they changed the webinars from sales focus to customer needs focus and changed their targeting strategy to invite those customers at the relevant stage of their journey, they saw increasing renewal rates from those that engaged with the webinars.


Highlights from this example include:

  • Produce content valuable to customers and not simply produce content for content’s sake
  • A piece of content doesn’t need to meet the needs of your entire audience. Focus on a particular persona or a particular stage of the journey, and then make sure to promote among that group
  • Content, especially for current customers, is part of the value they associate with the brand. Even when that content is free, they vote with their feet by sticking around as paying customers.

Wouldn’t it be great if you were achieving content marketing results like these examples?

We think so too. We think so too. That’s why created Cobomba. You can get started building the principles of great content marketing with a templated step-by-step process powered by data today!

Looking for previous editions from our Real-life Examples series? Here’s a link to 3 real-life content examples impacting sales.

Editor’s note: We’re always curious about the ways to show the impact of content marketing, and we love to highlight the best examples we find. Give us a shout if you “know a guy” or you have a great example yourself.



Bart Frischknecht, PhD
Written by Bart Frischknecht, PhD

Vice President, Product Strategy, Vennli
Bart is all about building marketing technology to help business leaders achieve growth goals. He is passionate about using data to put customers’ needs and choices at the center of strategic decision making. Bart’s background is a blend of design, marketing, and engineering, which provides a unique perspective on a company’s role to create, communicate, and deliver value to its customers.

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