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3 Things To Remember About Recruiting Talent

Jan 7, 2015 1:51:04 PM

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Finding new employees to grow your team isn't the same as it used to be. Remember these 3 tips when you are working on hiring new people for your organization.

  1. Current employees are your largest assets. Word of mouth referrals are as good as gold. This also holds true when people recommend (or deter) places of employment to their friends.
  2. Not everything stays internal. Many people who dislike their jobs (or boss/co-workers) take to social media or other avenues to explain about how bad it is. Remember this as it could become a nightmare in the wrong instances.
  3. Tech savvy people prefer a similar work environment. If your organization still uses hardcopies and manual filing of paperwork, your chances of hiring and maintaining technical talent is far less than if your business becomes more tech friendly.

For a more detailed summary, see the full writeup by Jeremy Roche on

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