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3 Ways "The Cloud" Can Benefit Your Business

Sep 19, 2014 1:00:25 PM

Cloud Computing

While organizations are becoming more aware of cloud computing and what the cloud really is, the debate still exists as to what the term "cloud" actually means. Part of the reason for the murky definition is the usage of this phrase at different layers like infrastructure, application, software, and even at the business level. Additionally, 'cloud' services are implemented in many different ways.

Either way, it's important to understand your internal definitions of "the cloud" and how it will be used throughout your organization.

Here are three ways the cloud can improve the IT function of your company:

  1. Money savings. Maintaining an internal infrastructure is cost intensive. Moving certain aspects to the cloud will reduce overall costs.
  2. Renovation of enterprise IT. The cloud doesn't have to completely transform IT at the enterprise level, but it can help initiate productive changes throughout the organization.
  3. Innovation and experimentation. Much like renovation at the enterprise level, 'the cloud' can help with other aspects of innovation and experimentation at a lower-cost than traditional methods.

What are your thoughts on "the cloud" and how it is changing the way businesses function?

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Written by Vennli

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