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Audience Edition: 5 Business Impact Metrics for Content Marketing + Free Downloadable Calculator

Nov 12, 2019 8:45:23 AM

How do you decide what content to create next? Does your organization create content in response to internal requests, based on a particular content format such as a blog, for different personas, or for different stages of the buyer journey? Your answer is probably some mix from all of the above.

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Effective content helps your target audience advance through each stage of the buyer journey. For marketing content to be effective it needs to connect with the audience's needs and desires. Prioritizing the marketing activities for one audience over another is a challenge faced by 71% of marketers according to a Vennli sponsored Content Marketing Institute study.

No matter your content strategy, you’ll need to explain it to others, especially when you need more resources or a bigger budget for creating or promoting the content. A key to communicating the value of content in your organization is showing that you know how to align content plans with key business objectives.

The free, downloadable worksheet: 5 Business Impact Metrics for Content Marketing – Audience Edition is designed to make it easy to tell the story behind your content planning decisions.

The business impact metrics in this calculator walk you through a step by step process to identify the business opportunity for content with different segments of your target audience. Once you identify the relevant segments and the potential impact, you can prioritize your content marketing efforts.



Bart Frischknecht, PhD
Written by Bart Frischknecht, PhD

Vice President, Product Strategy, Vennli
Bart is all about building marketing technology to help business leaders achieve growth goals. He is passionate about using data to put customers’ needs and choices at the center of strategic decision making. Bart’s background is a blend of design, marketing, and engineering, which provides a unique perspective on a company’s role to create, communicate, and deliver value to its customers.

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