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5 Great Ways To Show Thanks To Your Team

Nov 24, 2014 1:59:21 PM


Showing gratitude for your team and your employees can go a long way. In fact, research has found that showing recognition towards employees will create a higher sense of pride in their work, improve relationships between co-workers, and create a higher level of commitment to the organization as a whole.

Here are 5 easy ways you can show thanks to your employees.

  1. Avoid the potluck. Instead of requiring employees to bring dishes for a company meal, have it catered or provided as a whole.
  2. Give the gift of time. Offer employees additional time off to relax and replenish around the holidays.
  3. Create a "Thank You" wall. Use sticky notes to thank employees for individual accomplishments.
  4. Go the extra mile. Receiving a gift at home can boost morale. Gifts range from a simple handwritten letter to an unexpected bonus check.
  5. Donate to their favorite charity. A donation on behalf of an employee is generally felt close to the heart. Find out which organizations your team supports and take the extra step.

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