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5 Things Successful People Do Differently

Dec 23, 2014 1:00:03 PM


Everybody has a different definition of success or different goals they are working to accomplish. Regardless, many people struggle to find a strategy that works consistently to move them towards their goals. This short list outlines a few things successful people do differently to consistently accomplish their goals and move forward in the future.

  1. Take action. Too many people wait for the "perfect" time to take action. Start moving forward and adjust as you go.
  2. Start seeing opportunities. Successful people fail to see problems and instead seek the opportunities when speedbumps occur.
  3. Avoid information overload. Some people spend too much time gather details about how to proceed. Much like #1, start taking action and hone your process as you move forward.
  4. Spend time on education. Prior to starting whatever venture you are, make sure to have at least a foundational idea of what you will be doing.
  5. Envision long-term outcomes. Seek long-term benefits when setting your goals. Celebrate your short-term accomplishments too.

For a more detailed writeup, see Stan Bril's full post on

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