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5 Tips For Providing Constructive Feedback

Feb 11, 2015 11:50:47 AM


When discussing feedback with your team, here are 5 easy ways to be constructive and helpful.

  1. Discuss the behavior, not the person. If a colleague or employee can improve a specific behavior, mention that instead of personally attacking what they are or are not doing.
  2. Be focused and specific. Don't drop hints. Use actual examples to past events instead of generalizing.
  3. Don't ask too much. If you suggest everything needs to be changed, chances are not much (if anything) will.
  4. Be a guide. Offer support and insight and serve as someone who can help.
  5. Avoid making comparisons. Instead of comparing a team member to another, discuss changes in behavior from that individual themselves. Mention how they have improved or digressed or how they could do something differently themselves without mentioning another person.

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