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5 Tips Startups Can Learn From The NFL To Build A Strong Community

Sep 8, 2014 1:00:52 PM


The NFL is back for yet another season and fans are rejoicing across the nation. Tens of thousands of chicken wings and beers were consumed this weekend, and everything seems to be alright in the world again. The first Monday Night Football game of the year is expected to see somewhere around 16 to 17 million viewers. It’s this kind of viewership that has kept the NFL as the king of sports in the United States. They have built an incredibly large and passionate community that almost feels too big to ever fail. This is where startups can learn a thing or two.

Without a strong community that is passionate about your product, it is likely the company will collapse. One of the most powerful ways to cultivate a community comes from creating great content and sending that content down the appropriate avenues. Digital marketer Harry Hawk has provided 5 tips concerning content creation and communication to improve your community.

Tip #1: Honesty is key.
“Authentic honest, transparent, and high quality content builds up your community and starts the conversation around your selected topics: topics relevant to your enterprise or conceptually adjacent to your product or service.�?

Tip #2: Get to know your customers.
Talk with your customers, not at them. Learn their concerns, wants, and needs. This will allow you to send the best content to the appropriate segments, ultimately strengthening your following. This is our favorite here at Vennli!

Tip #3: App-tastic opportunities abound
There are many apps like Facebook and their attached 3rd party apps that allow you to receive email addresses, demographic information, and more. This is just another way to communicate with specific groups and individuals.

Tip #4: Be a marketer
“The whole trick to marketing messages is sending the correct message to the correct audience. You want to send the right messages to your fans based on their level of engagement, where they are in the marketing funnel, or whether or not they are a repeat customer.�?

Tip #5: Open your wallet
“With your entire community engaged and active and your limited but well crafted marketing messages starting to gain traction, pick some of the best ones and pay to promote them. If there is a real economic justification there isn’t any reason not to make this type of buy.�?

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