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5 Ways AI Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Sep 16, 2019 1:29:25 PM

At this point, AI (artificial intelligence) can do just about anything: translate between languages, trade stocks, win a match of Texas Hold ‘Em. In fact, each and every time you ask Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa a question you are interacting with AI. Needless to say, the incredible technology is not going anywhere. And, while AI has rightfully earned its reputation as a disruptor, it’s not about to take over your job. Think of it instead as a powerful tool you can use to help you perform your job even better. Here are five ways AI can improve your marketing strategy—and you can put its prowess to use on your behalf.

1. Map your content marketing strategy to your business objectives.

5 Ways AI Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy Vennli blog

According to our research with Robert Rose of Content Marketing Institute, 48% of B2B marketers we surveyed said their content is being created in response to internal requests, as opposed to specific business outcomes. If your content doesn’t support your brand’s mission and vision, then your engagement - no matter how effective - is ultimately meaningless. AI can help you map your content marketing strategy to your brand’s desired business outcomes. This means all of your hard work will not only capture and retain customers, but will also build brand trust and brand consistency.

2. Segment your audiences so that you can effectively communicate across the buyer journey.

Our research also found that 71% of marketing teams are not aligned when it comes to which audiences to prioritize. Driving growth – and communicating effectively across a customer’s entire buyer journey – requires effective segmentation. AI can help you identify which customers are the most profitable, and then help you determine how to communicate with them most effectively. AI-guided personas enable you to tailor your efforts to each state of the buyer journey, so you are always confident you’re communicating to the right customer in the right way.

3. Personalize content in a way that makes each customer feel like a VIP.

Millennials, which make up the largest generation impacting the global marketplace, overwhelmingly prefer personalization. And Gen Z, the generation directly behind Millennials, is often even more willing to give up personal data for a personalized experience. We found that 61% of marketers reported feeling challenged to identify what is most important to their audiences. And if you’re confused about what matters, it’s impossible to create tailored content that makes your customers feel like VIPs. AI can help you tailor content type, messaging, and calls to action to customized personas. This maximizes personalization and ensures you’re hitting the right customers, with the right message, at the right time.

4. Tailor (and optimize) content messaging on multiple levels.

Once you’ve determined which messages you need to deliver (and have carefully tailored them to your various audiences), it’s important to watch how they perform so you can optimize your content as the market shifts. You’ve also got to stay on top of which channels are performing best and which platforms are preferred by different customer segments. The good news: AI can help you optimize the heck out of your content. A good AI-powered marketing tool collects and analyzes data in such a way that marketers can quickly fine-tune campaigns and make adjustments (be they minute or significant) that boost marketing ROI.

5. Outperform your competitors.

The digital marketing landscape is undeniably crowded. Being “heard” above the noise requires savvy differentiation so that your unique message reaches the right customers. AI can help you determine how to successfully promote your products and services by understanding which features and benefits your customers most value. Understanding your customer’s point of view means you can set your brand apart from the competition—while also identifying unmet needs in the marketplace you can move to fill.

Ready to improve your marketing with AI?

The best way to determine whether AI can truly help you improve your marketing strategy is to try it out. For a limited time, we’re offering a 14-day, full-feature, free trial so that marketers who are “on the fence” about AI can test it out with confidence. Visit our website to learn more.

Written by Vennli

Vennli is the content intelligence platform that empowers marketing leaders to increase the effectiveness of content marketing for each persona across every stage of the buyer’s journey - from awareness to advocacy. The smart content planning tool combines customer data and artificial intelligence, including insights about what matters most to the target market, to make intelligent content, messaging, and communication recommendations that will attract, convert, and retain more customers.

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