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5 Ways To Differentiate Yourself To Be Very Successful

Jan 6, 2015 2:58:57 PM


Being successful doesn't mean you need to be like everyone else. In fact, the super successful people tend to do things quite differently than the general public. Here is a quick list of 5 things people are doing to separate themselves from the pack.

  1. Be incredibly selective. Saying "no" isn't a bad thing.
  2. Get your rest. While many people brag about working so much they only get 4 hours of sleep, the super successful are resting so they can perform at a higher level each day.
  3. All work and no play can make you dull. Successful people grow their creativity.
  4. Be a powerful listener. People who talk the most don't always have the most to say.
  5. Avoid following. Focus on what you can do better than the competition instead of always following "best practices".

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