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6 Ways To Keep Your Meetings Productive

Jan 28, 2015 3:54:54 PM


Meetings tend to be a regular happening in most companies to discuss ideas and keep people in the loop. Here are tips for you to make sure the time spent in meetings is productive.

  1. Stick to an agenda. Create an agenda prior to the meeting and be sure to maintain that structure during the meeting.
  2. Maintain a strict start and end time. Instead of allowing meetings to start 5 minutes late and run beyond the schedule time, be strict with the timing on both ends.
  3. Focus on the purpose for the meeting. Make sure everyone understands why you are meeting.
  4. Lead by example. If you scheduled the meeting, be sure to arrive early, follow the structure, and set clear action steps.
  5. Create an experience. Some companies have an inspirational quote or video, others provide rewards for "Team Member of the Week."
  6. Meet personal needs. Help your team meet their personal and professional goals. It will do wonders for their motivation and productivity.

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