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7 Extraordinary Ways To Manage Your Time

Feb 20, 2015 2:55:33 PM


To effectively manage your time, you should focus on prioritization instead of perfection. By doing that, you'll notice more results and be able to accomplish more. Here are 7 ways to do this super effectively.

  1. Invest time, don't manage it.
  2. Being overwhelmed is a choice, not a given.
  3. Saying "no" results in more accomplished, not less.
  4. Knowing the extent of a commitment is freeing.
  5. Routines are not rigid - they are flexible.
  6. Perfectionism paralyzes, it doesn't help.
  7. Time management is a process, it's not the conclusion.

To be most effective at managing your time, focus on the most important priorities first. To read more about each of the 7 tips above, check out the full post on

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