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9 Agency Blogs You Should Be Following

Jun 6, 2016 7:23:00 AM

Here at Vennli, we work directly with businesses to understand their customer choice, but we also work with a growing number of agencies and consultancies to help their clients analyze customer choice and build market share. Therefore, because both our interests and audience overlap, we’ve become an unofficial connoisseur of the marketing agency blog.

Our favorites cover more than company updates and press releases. We look for useful tips, frequent posting, and perspective that challenges the status quo. Here are some of our favorites, from agencies both large and small:

1. Leo Burnett
We might be a little biased because one of our co-founders and another board member spent time here, but these folks know their stuff. Working with some of the world’s largest brands like McDonald’s, Coca Cola, GM, P&G, and Samsung, Leo Burnett has some experience to share when it comes to global market leadership. Our favorite recent posts include "Stop Relying on Data to Solve All Your Marketing Problems" and "Meet the New Shopper."

2. Ogilvy
The top-ranked agency in the world goes big – it’s more of a media platform than a simple blog, but it’s definitely worth checking out. Categories include Data, Mobile, Social, and Innovation, and there’s enough evergreen content to get lost in. For example, recent posts include "Surviving Disruption as a Non-Disruptor Brand" and "Brands That Do: Building Behavior Brands."

3. Brolik
An agency focused on digital customer experiences and brand growth, their blog spans digital marketing, web design, and business strategy. Check out "Quick Guide: Gathering Customer Feedback" or "Market Like an Investor (Because Marketing is an Investment)."

4. Epsilon
This agency is all about data-driven marketing, so you’ll get a lot of content about technology and best practices regarding using data to build better strategies. Take a look at “4 Tips to Spring Clean Your Data" or “How to Put a B2B Content Strategy into Practice."

5. Sapient Nitro
With categories like Branding & Communications, Experience & Design, and Strategy & Insights, there’s a little for everyone here. One to take a gander at is “Why a Solid Content Strategy Needs to be Part of Your Customer-Experience Strategy."

6. Jack Morton
While the posts are shorter, the perspective is interesting and the design is inspiring. Check out "Here’s the one thing brands need in order to stay ahead."

7. Beyond
With categories like Code & Technology, Design Thinking, Strategy & Marketing, and Data Analysis, they definitely speak our language. One of our recent favorites: "Data and Creativity: Friends or Foes?"

8. Killian Branding
This creative branding agency is all about adapting to fast-paced markets, differentiating from your competition, and evolving with your customer. They even have a post with a Venn diagram about market positioning: “Better, Cheaper, Different or Doomed? Choose."

9. MDG
This full-service advertising agency posts several times a week about a diversity of topics related to marketing. For example, “How Hotel Brands Can Inspire Customer Loyalty" is full of interesting stats and links.

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