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9 Crazy Effective Ways To Keep Your Team Motivated

Jan 5, 2015 1:59:12 PM


In today's world, it can be difficult to retain top talent. If you are struggling with losing some of your best people, it may be time to take an internal look at how you are handling your team. Here are 9 great ways to keep your team motivated.

  1. Pay your people what they are worth.
  2. Provide your team with a great work environment.
  3. Offer opportunities for self development.
  4. Provide an environment that allows for collaboration.
  5. Encourage your team to be happy.
  6. Don't be quick to punish failures.
  7. Set clear goals.
  8. Avoid micromanaging.
  9. Avoid useless meetings.

For more details on how you can keep your team motivated and excited to work every day, read the full article by Peter Economy on You can also find Peter on Twitter (@bizzwriter).

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