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Are You Too Smart For Strategy?

Aug 18, 2014 1:00:16 PM

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In a recent HBR blog post, Roger Martin proposed that smart people struggle with strategy because they’re accustomed to finding the right answer and there’s just not one right answer in most strategy discussions. He goes on to say, “The best strategists aren’t intimidated or paralyzed by uncertainty and ambiguity; they are creative enough to imagine possibilities that may or may not actually exist and are willing to try a course of action knowing full well that it will have to be tweaked or even overhauled entirely as events unfold.�?

While there is no doubt an element of risk and uncertainty in determining a growth strategy, this makes it sound like strategic decisions are based on gut, intuition, and past experience without knowledge of the future. We’d like to think you’re more empowered. That you can gather true customer insights to inform strategic decision making and monitor implementation – so it’s not guesswork but actually based on data.

Mr. Martin also suggests, “Great strategy is aided by diversity of thought and attitude.�? There is no doubt that collaboration breeds better strategic decision making. Fine minds DON’T think alike, and, when it comes to strategy ideation, the more the merrier. We believe this so strongly we built numerous opportunities for collaboration into our software and live it strongly within the Vennli team (it’s one of our core values).

How do you collaborate in strategic decision making within your organization?

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