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Avoid Ending Up In The 'Recycle Bin' By Implementing A Collaborative Work Environment

Aug 20, 2014 1:00:41 PM

Recycle Bin

Are companies born innovative, or can they become innovative? Who knows for sure, but what Sarah Miller Caldicott at Forbes says is that a collaborative workspace can drive innovation.

What does this mean? Caldicott says the omnipresence of smart phones and smart devices across all employee ranks is accelerating big changes in how workspaces are designed. Even though collaborative work is now winning out over individual work as a percentage of total time spent in the workday, the available collaborative space in companies is lagging behind.

Here are four building blocks in creating a collaborative workspace that drive the connection between innovation and collaboration:

  1. Space that is flexible
  2. Space that inspires
  3. Space for small teams
  4. Space that reflects culture and brand

Read the full article for more details on Sarah Miller Caldicott’s thoughts and to see examples of how companies like Google, Whirlpool, Groupon, and Facebook are incorporating these building blocks into their own spaces.

Written by Vennli

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