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How Companies Are Using "Design Thinking" To Solve Problems And See Real Results

Aug 11, 2014 1:00:45 PM

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Depending on who you ask, meetings are either the best thing since sliced bread, or they are an enormous waste of time. Either way, many people feel nothing will change even after a great meeting. To fix this, it's important to adopt a "design thinking" mentality.

Lawton Ursrey, a contributor at, outlined 5 top-level suggestions followed by a more detailed list of specific action items. Here are his suggestions:

  1. Focus on your customer. Too many companies feel they know their customer without ever actually asking them. Take some time to learn your customers and determine their likes and dislikes so you can better serve them.
  2. Define the correct problem. Spend time figuring out the actual problem you are facing so you can work on a targeted solution.
  3. Create various solutions for the problem. Adopting the "design thinking" mentality allows you to solve one problem in a variety of ways. Create a handful of solutions and avoid over-analyzing ideas at this stage.
  4. Dial in a specific solution. After determining the best ideas, work as a group to decide on the correct solution with which to proceed.
  5. Execute. Planning is wonderful. However, it requires execution to notice results. Execute the best plan and track your findings.

The best part about design thinking is that it can be used in any business or sector. Basically, anything that can be improved can benefit from this mindset shift. Read the entire list on

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