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Do Free Lunches Actually Make Employees Happier?

Sep 5, 2014 1:00:22 PM


Companies want to keep employees happy. An employee incentive for some top performing companies like Google and Yahoo has been providing meals. Buildings throughout the complex showcasing Mexican, Indian, and various other cuisines are appreciated no matter where you are on the corporate "food chain", from intern to director.

“Bustin says companies that will do little things for employees are likely already doing the big things for them, such as articulating an exciting vision, mapping career paths, providing real-time feedback and mentoring, and creating an environment of high performance.�?

Free food isn’t everything to employees, and a Gallup study showed a higher preference for a more flexible schedule. It comes down to implementation and it is easier to give employees snacks and other “perks�? to keep them happy and coming back for more. While nothing can replace your boss asking you “what makes you happy at work?�?, it’s important to know what employees want out of their work experience and to feel valued by their company.

Are there simple things like a catered department lunch on Friday that boost your spirit? Is free food at work the cherry on your sundae? Read the full article on

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