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Do Your Internal Systems Support Or Damage Your Business?

Oct 6, 2014 2:00:45 PM


The intranet. One of those great ideas that somehow never quite lived up to expectations. The internal, private online environments designed for companies to be what the Internet is to the outside world -- a place for sharing information and communication. Unfortunately, these internal systems are often not thought through and cost companies productivity, training and even customer experience.

In his article, Are Your Internal Systems Damaging Your Business?, writer Paul Boag details the tribulations of current systems and how you can improve yours.

“How come I can download an app on my phone and instantly know how to use it, yet need training to use our content management system? Shouldn’t our system be intuitive?�?

This is one of the comments Paul received when preparing his article. These two sentences explain how most people feel about their internal systems to a “T�?. How in today’s digital society have things gotten to this state and what can you do about them?

One Size Does Not Fit All
Organizations rarely work in the same way. Many out-of-the-box systems need to be tailored to the needs of the organization and its employees.

Starting With Users’ Needs
Before leaping for expensive software, design the user experience. Identify your different user groups and their top tasks.

Prototype Your Perfect System
Create a prototype of how the ideal system would work and iterate it based on user feedback.

Selling The Need For A User-Centric System
Collect data on how users interact with the system and combine this with user testing and stakeholder interviews. This should be enough to establish a compelling case for implementing a better solution.

The Cost Of Failure
Internal systems weigh heavily on the performance of your employees. And they have a massive impact on the customer experience. For these reasons, internal systems are becoming the next big competitive advantage.

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