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Does Powerful, Bass-Heavy Music Really Make You More Productive?

Aug 29, 2014 1:00:44 PM


A remix version could be just what the CEO ordered as researchers discover the importance of the “high-power song�? and productivity.

Everyone has a theme song, but certain songs put employees in a different state of mind. Baseball players have walkout music to get pumped. So should Todd, the software engineer, whether it’s “We will rock you�? or “In Da Club�?. The question is, are those not rocking out missing out on the benefits?

Researchers are finding out that certain "high-power songs" can boost performance and confidence. What are “high-power songs�?? “They are bass-heavy. The researchers tested this by creating heavier- and lighter-bass versions of the same songs."

Derek Rucker, a marketing professor at Kellog, suggested listening to this type of music before an important meeting or negotiation to help feel more confident.

Are you jamming at work or is your kind of music the sound of keystrokes? What’s your opinion on music and the workplace? Click here to see a few examples of high-power songs.

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