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Entrepreneurs And Startups Are Breaking The Old "Rules" Of Business

Aug 7, 2014 1:00:59 PM


The tech landscape is booming and startups are playing a major role. Being an entrepreneur has never been more desirable than it is today. But, along with the success of living the “entrepreneurial dream�? comes hardship and failure. The pressure to succeed means many people running ambitious startups are afraid to ask for help.

During this phase, the guidelines of establishing a successful company have changed as well. Mashable’s Lauren Drell spoke with a handful of entrepreneurs about their business approach and the cardinal rules they broke along the way. Keys like hiring outside the box and being fully transparent with your employees help create a positive cultural environment. Social media has changed everything. Being the human face of your organization and interacting with your audience gives them a feeling of attachment to your company.

Read all of the new rules at on Mashable.

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