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Feeling Overwhelmed? A Simple Mindset Shift Can Alleviate Your Stress

Feb 23, 2015 2:45:04 PM


So many professionals become increasingly overwhelmed with activities, projects, and seemingly endless lists of tasks to complete. If you feel this way, the problem (and solution) may be inside your brain.

Productivity, or at least the consideration of how productive you think you are, can be as simple as scheduling less tasks. Gregory J. Redington, president of Redcom, says if he has a list of 10 tasks to complete and only finishes 5, he feels like he didn't do much. However, if he only had the 5 tasks on hist list for the day and was able to complete the same 5 tasks, he feels like it was a super productive day.

TIP: Decrease the size of your daily task lists.

Timothy Pychyl, a psychology professor, explains how procrastination differs at various stages of the project. Procrastination at the beginning of a project may be due to feeling the work is uninteresting or meaningless. Procrastinating during the action phases may be due to a lack of structure. Additionally, being worried about making the wrong decision can cause inaction as well.

TIP: Focus on progress, not on to-dos

For a full detailed writeup about the psychology of procrastination, read the full article on

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