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Here Are 9 Reasons You Should NOT Start A Business

Jan 27, 2015 3:12:33 PM


There are a lot of articles out there telling you to go forth and start a business! But the truth is, not everyone should start a business. If more of the 80 percent of small businesses that fail had but hesitated and considered why they were getting into business, we’d probably have fewer businesses and more successes in those that did exist. If any of these reasons ring true, you do not need to become an entrepreneur:

  1. You’re Running Away from Something
  2. You Want Control
  3. You Want to Make Millions
  4. You Want to Become a Media Darling
  5. You Want to Spend More Time With Your Family
  6. Your Brother Wants to Go into Business With You
  7. You’re Passionate, But Have No Direction
  8. You Assume You Can Get a Bank Loan
  9. All You Have Is a Really Amazing Idea

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