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Here's An Uncommon Tip For Replenishing Your Energy And Boosting Creativity

Oct 16, 2014 1:05:44 PM


Most professionals are constantly stressed about meetings, deadlines, and presentations. Similarly, many people are in a constant state of being busy - which, by the way, can lead to added stress.

Unfortunately, these times of stress often lead to feeling overwhelmed and though you need to spend extra time working on your project. Unless you have an imminent deadline, Anese Cavanaugh, a leadership advisor, suggests something quite differently. In her video on, she suggests stepping completely away from your work for an hour or two to regenerate your mind and help feel refreshed. Often times, even a small break from work will result in a huge payoff in your energy, creativity, and excitement when you resume your project.

Click here to watch her short video and hear a few other thoughts from Anese.


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