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How Abraham Lincoln Handled Setbacks (And Why You Should Too)

Oct 1, 2014 1:00:34 PM


Here are a few ideas of how Lincoln handled setbacks and how you can too.

Abraham Lincoln did a lot more than grow a beard. He grew a nation! Therefore, we can learn a lot about how to grow from him. Handling setbacks well is key to growing a company. What can Mr. Lincoln teach us about handling setbacks well? Spoiler alert: it comes down to patience and empathy. Specifically, it comes down to these takeaways:

  1. When delivering feedback, think about how it will affect both the recipient and your overall goal
  2. Before you criticize an employee, put yourself in his shoes
  3. If you’re angry about an outcome, give yourself an outlet for venting

Click here to get the full story on Mr. Lincoln’s setback handling.

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