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How "Knitting Allows Pinterest To Rapidly Develop Awesome New Products

Jul 22, 2014 1:00:38 PM


If you’ve ever searched for chocolate cake recipes and four hours later found yourself reading about beaches in Fiji, you probably have a Pinterest account. It’s dangerously addictive, largely in part to its design and usability.

Their new guided search lets users begin with a broad idea (“gorillas) and then drill down into something more specific (“silverback gorillas eating bananas) by offering guided navigation through suggested categories related to the original term. It’s slick.

To develop this, the fine folks at Pinterest didn’t follow the traditional product development process where work gets passed down a well-established line until its ready for customers. A new feature concept is assigned to a cross-functional team of just two or three people who are encouraged to get out of the office to spark creativity and come to a fully-functional solution quickly.

One of their key values is something they call “knitting which gets at the idea that this small group of people together will create something more meaningful than they can create on their own as individuals. The power of collaboration. Instead of each person doing their task in isolation, they play off one another, sharing expertise and pushing each other to new heights and sometimes breakthrough innovation.

Parallels can be made to developing growth strategy. We find that the collaboration of minds with different expertise and experience lead to greater insights and ideation. Our tool encourages collaboration…. Anywhere, anytime. Even if you’re on that beach in Fiji.

Read more about how Pinterest develops new features quickly and effectively at

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