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How “The Cloud Saved One Company More Than $840,000

Aug 5, 2014 1:00:52 PM

Cloud Networking

Although many businesses have spent the past few years transitioning to ‘the cloud,’ it’s not too late if you haven’t yet transitioned. Alex Hamilton, author at, believes the cloud will continue to serve as a means for growth for years to come.

Not surprisingly, he’s not the only one who believes in the power of the cloud. IBM’s CTO in Europe, John McLean, explained “we are still at the beginning of a journey. Cloud is changing the way businesses interact with their users and business partners like never before. The power of the cloud stems from the ability to quickly and effectively perform analyses, processes, and decisions like never before.

One company harnessing the power of the cloud is Jaguar. While Jaguar spends more than $840,000 to perform a physical crash test on a new vehicle, running a cloud-based data simulation costs just over $20. Incredible. Click here to read the full article at

The real question in this scenario: Can the cloud effectively perform these types of safety and crash tests on vehicles? What do you think?

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