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How To Handle A Seemingly Endless Amount Of Emails

Mar 4, 2015 4:29:06 PM

Who isn't bombarded with emails left and right? This simple trick can help alleviate your email stresses and also keep an organized inbox.

Many people view vacations and just another way to add fuel to the already stressful fire of following up, answering emails, and solving day-to-day problems. Instead of worrying about what happens when returning from vacation, VC Brad Feld suggests using something like this nifty vacation autoresponder (he uses it):

I'm on vacation and off the grid until 3/22/15. I will not be reading this email. When I return, I'm archiving everything and starting with an empty inbox.

If this is urgent and needs to be dealt with by someone before 3/22, please send it to my colleague Joe Schmoe ( He'll make sure it gets to the right person.

If this is something you want me to handle directly, please send it again after 3/22.

For more details about this method and why it works for him, check out the article on

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