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Improve Your Chances For Success By Adopting A "Growth Mindset"

Sep 4, 2014 1:00:11 PM


A company’s growth has to start at the granular level through the growth of an individual employee. When thinking about how an individual employee can grow, making a small change in the way she sees a challenge can affect how successful she is at solving the challenge.

According to Carole Dwek, a psychology professor at Stanford, people can become better learners and problem solvers by acquiring a “growth mindset�? as opposed to sticking to a “fixed mindset.�? The major difference between these two mindsets is that people with a “growth mindset�? believe that they can develop their talents and abilities through effort, whereas people with a “fixed mindset�? believe that basic abilities are unchangeable.

Learn more by reading the article and watching Dwek’s video here.

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