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Is Your Mission Driving Your Strategy?

Sep 15, 2014 1:00:07 PM


With profitability for more than 40 consecutive years, Southwest Airlines dominates that statistic. While some companies attempt to mimic their business model, few succeed because of the nature of the company.

Southwest Airlines uses their company mission to drive their strategy. It's one thing to want to be "the low cost airline". Southwest, however, focuses all efforts on BEING "the low cost airline", including the purchasing of planes and locations of service for those planes.

The conclusion: form your company vision and run the company based on that vision. Greg Satell (@Digitaltonto), author of 'Why Your Mission Should Drive Your Strategy', phrases it perfectly: "Great businesses, in the final analysis, are built by passion. Strategies can come and go, but the mission of the enterprise is fundamental to directing action."

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