Kevin O’Connor Joins Vennli as Chief Revenue Officer, Dan Farrell Promoted to Chief Operating Officer

South Bend, IN - Feb. 9, 2016 – Vennli, a SaaS platform that helps businesses improve decision-making by analyzing and visualizing how customers make choices, hired Kevin O’Connor to join the company as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), and promoted former CRO, Dan Farrell, to Chief Operating Officer.

The additions to Vennli’s leadership team signify the company’s recent growth and advances in the customer insights and growth strategy spaces. O’Connor and Farrell will continue to drive forward Vennli’s success through operational development and revenue production.

Farrell began as an investor and board member at Vennli in 2013, and transitioned into the role of Vice President of Sales and Customer Success the following year. He’s been serving as Vennli’s CRO since last year, advancing sales, marketing, and revenue.

"Dan has been a major factor in Vennli’s success so far, and he will continue to play a crucial role in our continued growth," said Gary Gigot, CEO and co-founder of Vennli. "We’re confident moving him to Chief Operating Officer will propel more growth and success."

In his new role at Vennli, O’Connor will be the main driver of revenue generation, leading the company’s sales and marketing efforts. He brings an abundance of industry knowledge with him, and will help create new revenue opportunities for Vennli while advancing ongoing initiatives.

O’Connor has more than 20 years of experience in the business technology industry, and he joins Vennli from Moody’s Analytics. Prior to the formation of Moody's Analytics in 2008, O’Connor worked as Managing Director for Moody's KMV, a leading provider of quantitative credit analysis tools to lenders, investors, and corporations. With more than 14 years of experience at Moody's, he delivered direct and actionable solutions for clients.

"We’re thrilled to have Kevin as the newest addition to the Vennli team," said Gigot. "He has a lot of great experience and industry knowledge, so this is a big step forward for our leadership team."



Vennli is a content intelligence platform that helps marketers achieve growth objectives by delivering intelligent content, messaging and communications across the entire customer lifecycle - from awareness to advocacy. Vennli’s platform gathers real-time segmented persona data including insights about what matters most to your target market throughout the buyer journey/experience and makes intelligent recommendations on content, messaging and communication that will attract, convert and retain more customers.

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