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Vennli Unveils Updated Brand Ahead Of Content Marketing Conferences

By Vennli on Apr 9, 2019 2:17:54 PM

Content intelligence platform undergoes visual redesign, new logo

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How to use content intelligence to improve brand consistency

By Patti Doyle on Mar 14, 2019 12:20:20 PM

Just how valuable is brand consistency? That is, the practice of consistently conveying your company’s value, promises and offerings in all of your deliverables — and in ways that resonate with your customers?

Brand consistency is the key to boosting brand trust, brand awareness and brand loyalty. And, according to 200 organizations in a recent survey by LucidPress and DemandMetric, it also can lead to an increase in profits — by as much as 23 percent.

But a significant number of the organizations surveyed also said that brand consistency can be elusive, with 60 percent reporting that their teams are regularly creating materials that don’t conform to their company’s brand guidelines.

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Create a customer-focused content strategy that promotes brand loyalty

By Patti Doyle on Mar 12, 2019 12:50:55 PM

Take a second to consider the many ways people get their caffeine fix. Some may brew the old-fashioned way — using a coffee pot or a French press to get the job done. Others may use a Keurig.

And no smart coffee shop barista will assume that every person in line wants a black cup of java. Not when there are thousands of possibilities.

And that’s just coffee.

Developing a content strategy also requires that type of consideration for the different experiences customers want from your brand. Customers are increasingly demanding more — highly relevant experiences delivered in a way that shows you understand them.

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Survey Shows B2B Marketers Should Invest In Owned Content to Build Brand Trust

By Vennli on Mar 12, 2019 10:40:11 AM

Vennli’s “Content Marketing Strategies That Build Brand Trust report reveals impact of content throughout buyer journey

SOUTH BEND, Ind., March 12, 2019 - Vennli, a content intelligence platform, today announced the release of its “Content Marketing Strategies That Build Brand Trust report. The company evaluated survey results from 100 senior-level B2B marketers to identify the role content strategy plays in building brand trust. According to the report, more than 50 percent of B2B marketers rely on owned content to build brand trust.

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Upgrade to a content marketing strategy that supports your brand

By Patti Doyle on Mar 5, 2019 9:44:25 AM

Content marketing has evolved. No longer is more = better. However, with a shift to quality over quantity, a challenge remains: Creating content that elevates your brand. And doing it in a way that drives brand differentiation.

With content that delivers a meaningful message about what differentiates your brand in a way that matters to your targeted audiences, you will be able to attract the right customers. And, by consistently delivering brand content that appeals to those customers, you gain the ability to build long-term brand loyalty.

Convert more customers by creating a content marketing strategy that differentiates your brand with every post and upload — using these tips:

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