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Rethinking the agency-client relationship

Feb 16, 2018 5:58:07 AM

Most agency-marketing relationships are long-term, which is why thinking with that in mind can be a huge asset for an agency. Being in a long-term relationship with a marketing team requires you to be more of a consultant than an advertiser or creative team.

Learn how these two ideas can help you not only craft a great pitch, but craft a more thoughtful agency-client relationship. Think more about:

  • The error of not realizing true potential
  • The average length of commitment expected
  • Desirable traits from an agency
  • How to be a better consultant

The reason why agencies skip these steps is often quite simple: there is not enough time. Anyone who works in an agency knows the fast-paced environment and constant pressure that comes with the job. It is just the reality of the industry. However, if an agency stops to think long-term, it is clear what the solution is. Rather than spreading the agency thin among several different short-term projects, the key may be to focus on more long-term prospects.

By taking the time to consider long-term options, it actually saves time in the long run and builds a better partnership. Building a long-term relationship with a client eliminates time spent on pitches and new client research. This long-term strategy makes the most sense, considering that most businesses propose long-term relationships. In research conducted by Vennli, 40% of marketers reported putting their business up for review every 1-2 years and 47% reported that the typical length of their relationship with an agency is between 2-4 years. This means that the majority of in-house marketers consider a two-year commitment to be desirable in an agency.

Agency Consultant

Marketers work with people in advertising and sales every day. Trust in the fact that they do not want to hear a pitch that sounds salesy. When they are searching for an agency, it is because they have a problem that needs to be solved. It is the job of the agency to provide a true solution, not a sales pitch. An agency should serve as a consultant for the in-house marketer that can provide specific expertise.

Marketers ranked traits they are looking for in an agency partner. In the study, 49% of marketers said the ability to be 'flexible and redirect efforts if we need to change direction' is among the top three characteristics they seek in an agency partner. 41% of marketers also cited 'can become a subject matter expert on my company, brand, and/or industry' as one of the top three characteristics they seek in agency partners. It does not matter who many sales clichés you throw at an in-house marketer. What matters is that the agency is, without a doubt, an expert on the topic. It is the job of the agency to prove to the in-house marketer that they are indeed the expert they need. This respect is built using proof of experience, data driven results, a complete understanding of the client's needs, and a planned solution to the problem.

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