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Vennli Updates Analytics Software With New Customer Segmentation And Data Visualization Features

Jan 20, 2016 7:00:24 AM

South Bend, IN – January 18, 2016 – Vennli, a SaaS platform that makes it easy to understand the drivers of customer choice so businesses can make better decisions, announced the launch of advanced customer segmentation and additional data visualization features to enable easier competitive analysis.

Vennli helps businesses across a range of sectors conduct competitive analyses by displaying customer choice research in an interactive Venn diagram to see how they stack up against key competitors.


The newest functionality allows users to save meaningful customer segments throughout the application for easy reference. The Heat Map allows side-by-side comparisons of how each of these customer segments perceive each competing offering on factors important to their purchase decision, as well as compare how all competing offerings compare side-by-side. This level of analysis helps companies identify trends and adjust their products or messaging with more precision to specific demographics.

Heat Map

“The Heat Map addresses questions about how a decision-making point—such as a smartphone’s camera quality—stacks up for Millennials versus Baby Boomers, or early adopters versus mass consumers,�? said Gary Gigot, CEO and co-founder of Vennli. “Having a comprehensive view of this granular intelligence is highly valuable to businesses that serve a range of different groups, so we’re pleased to be able to offer it to our customers.�?

When creating the customer survey, users can choose from a list of 17 standard segmentation questions or create their own. They can create customized segments by combining this customer information to create favorited groups that illustrate their unique audience.

Additional user experience improvements include quick access to detailed views of customer segment demographics, choice factor filtering, and trending of market changes over time.

“We’ve invested in these particular elements of the vLens and introduced the Heat Map to further push the boundaries of customer choice data visualization technology in the business strategy space,�? explained Pooya Ghiaseddin, Vennli’s Chief Product Officer. “The updates work hand-in-hand with the existing algorithm that makes up Vennli’s backbone, but ultimately the new Heat Map places the emphasis more squarely on digging into the nuances of customer choice, which is what we’ve always been about.�?

Segmentation and Heat Map features are available immediately in the Vennli SaaS-based platform. For more information, visit

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