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Survey Shows B2B Marketers Should Invest In Owned Content to Build Brand Trust

Mar 12, 2019 10:40:11 AM

Vennli’s “Content Marketing Strategies That Build Brand Trust report reveals impact of content throughout buyer journey

SOUTH BEND, Ind., March 12, 2019 - Vennli, a content intelligence platform, today announced the release of its “Content Marketing Strategies That Build Brand Trust report. The company evaluated survey results from 100 senior-level B2B marketers to identify the role content strategy plays in building brand trust. According to the report, more than 50 percent of B2B marketers rely on owned content to build brand trust.

Forty percent of respondents felt that within owned content, original research, quotes from customers and quotes from industry experts are important to provide a non-biased, non-branded perspective. On the other hand, third-party data, such as analyst research, was chosen by only 23 percent of respondents, highlighting that it is not enough for marketers to pull relevant research to support a claim. Rather, brands should perform their own studies.

“Marketers are faced with the significant challenge of finding a way to build brand trust with their customers. To do so, they should produce content and messaging that speaks to customer’s pains and needs, said Marty Muse, CEO of Vennli. “While building brand trust requires significant, purposeful effort, putting in the work to make customers feel seen, heard and valued will eventually lead to an increase in customer loyalty and repeat business.

Other key takeaways from the report include:

  • More than 70 percent of senior-level marketers strongly agree content is important for creating brand trust
  • Nearly 40 percent of senior-level marketers see a need for brand trust in order to create a virtuous cycle between customer experience and brand improvement
  • Case studies (36 percent) were one of the leading types of content that respondents believe are most impactful in building brand trust

Data for this study was gathered by Vennli through an online survey obtaining quantitative and qualitative responses. Survey respondents were screened for the type of business and marketing function. Respondents were also screened for employee status and company title/role.

For more information on how marketers can use content to build brand trust, and to view the full results of the study, download the eBook or visit


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Vennli is a content intelligence platform that helps business leaders achieve growth objectives by delivering intelligent content, messaging and communications across the entire customer lifecycle - from awareness to advocacy. Vennli’s platform gathers real-time segmented persona data including insights about what matters most to your target market throughout the buyer journey/experience and makes intelligent recommendations on content, messaging and communication that will attract, convert and retain more customers.

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Vennli is the content intelligence platform that empowers marketing leaders to increase the effectiveness of content marketing for each persona across every stage of the buyer’s journey - from awareness to advocacy. The smart content planning tool combines customer data and artificial intelligence, including insights about what matters most to the target market, to make intelligent content, messaging, and communication recommendations that will attract, convert, and retain more customers.

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