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Mind the Gap: How Manufacturers Can Fix the Skills Gap

By Tracy Corry on Mar 1, 2022 11:41:00 AM

Even before “The Great Resignation”, the manufacturing industry had been struggling with filling open positions, with job openings increasing at double-digit rates since 2017 according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics employment survey. Post-pandemic, Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute predict that 2.1 million manufacturing positions will go unfulfilled by 2030, costing the U.S a loss of about $1 trillion in GDP. Without a drastic reversal in this downward trend, this deficiency could set the U.S. manufacturing industry back by decades.

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Set Your Customer-Facing Teams Up for Success

By Tracy Corry on Feb 14, 2022 12:47:42 PM

The aftermath of the last two years has left sales teams with a remarkable challenge they haven’t encountered ever before – building and maintaining relationships with their customers in the absence of in-person connections. We’ve seen lockdowns, reopenings, and then mini lockdowns again, leaving businesses to pivot and adjust on what seems like a monthly basis. Even as we look forward to the future, it’s likely that the ‘new normal’ will bring an entirely different way of doing business than sales teams have been accustomed to in the past.

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Good Grief, What Now?! How to Prepare for the Next Disruption.

By Tracy Corry on Jan 20, 2022 1:05:33 PM

Natural disasters, cyber-attacks, pandemics…oh my! If we had to describe the 2020s in one word so far, ‘disaster’ might be the one we’d choose. We’ll be feeling the domino effect these events have had on our life, our businesses, and our economy for years to come. And just when we think we’re in the clear, surprise! Something new happens and we find ourselves shaking our heads in disbelief thinking…again? Really?

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