Jim Brown Joins Vennli as General Manager, Technology Sales

Vennli, the choice visualization analytics platform, has hired Jim Brown to join the company as General Manager of Technology Sales. Brown will focus on business development for Vennli in this area, identifying strategic opportunities in this market and leading execution as it relates to sales, marketing, and customer success for technology and software clients.

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Website Magazine Features Q&A Session With Vennli CPO

With recent updates to the software platform, Vennli now provides users with a Heat Map that allows side-by-side comparisons of how granular customer segments perceive a company's competing offerings.

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MediaPost Explains How Data Visualization From Vennli Could Benefit Email Analytics

With expanded customer segmentation and data visualization features in recent software update, Vennli adds a higher degree of competitive analysis for customers and a deeper level of segmentation to provide marketers with deeper understanding of their customers.

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Vennli Updates SaaS Platform, Helps Businesses Strategize

With recent updates to the software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, Vennli now provides better visual analysis of competitors with the vLens (Venn diagram) and Heat Map functionality.

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Vennli's New Heat Map Update Featured In FierceContentManagement

Figuring out what makes customers tick is a combination of science, art, and luck. The Vennli platform helps organizations track real-time customer activity and collects data on customer choices so teams can quickly identify and respond to changing trends.

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