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3 real-life examples of how great marketing content leads to renewals and repeat purchases

By Bart Frischknecht, PhD on Nov 5, 2019 10:57:09 AM

You’re probably reading this because a) you need to convince someone else that content marketing works, or b) you need to convince yourself. You’re in the right place. Keep reading to get inspired.

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Adapting Sales Tactics for New Manufacturing Procurement Contacts

By Vennli on Jun 20, 2017 3:50:35 PM

Leading salespeople understand the importance of building and maintaining excellent customer relationships–but how do you keep the sale when your manufacturing procurement contact has retired or moved onto another company? To keep your customer, you will need to pay close attention to who they are, then tailor your communication style or your messages to cultivate the new customer relationship. Here are a few tactics that will help you keep the sale.

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5 Ways to Shorten Your Manufacturing Sales Cycle

By Bart Frischknecht, PhD on May 4, 2017 11:35:22 AM

We spend much of our time thinking about how attractive our customers look to us. The secret to shortening manufacturing sales cycles is to understand how attractive we look to our potential customers. Think about it. In meeting after meeting and spreadsheet after spreadsheet we analyze customers based on their purchase volume, profit margin, and product mix—celebrating those customers that buy a lot, pay a lot, or buy what we want to sell. In the same breath, we grumble about customers that require gobs of TLC but then don’t buy very much, spend very much, or order what we would like to sell.

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