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4 New Strategy Ideas to Enroll “Lost” Students

By Tracy Corry on Oct 26, 2022 10:28:33 AM

Early enrollment numbers are in for Fall 2022 - just in time for Early Decision and Action deadlines for the class of 2023. And while early reports had experts hopeful that we’d see a rebound after the steep two-year decline in the wake of the pandemic, it appears that the overall enrollment rate has once again decreased for the fifth semester since fall 2020.

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Social Media and the College Search

By Tracy Corry on Sep 21, 2022 12:36:13 PM

Confession: I’m 47 years old and my Instagram feed is filled with posts from college students. No, I’m not trying to relive my youth (though, I must admit it IS a fun trip down memory lane) - I have a high school senior getting ready to apply to college.

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Does Your Institution's Mailing Address Affect Your Enrollment Rate?

By Tracy Corry on Jul 25, 2022 8:57:21 PM

The SCOTUS ruling to end Roe v Wade and a federally-guaranteed right to an abortion has left prospective and current college students reconsidering where they want to spend the next four years of their lives. As state legislators begin to determine how to proceed with this new ruling, those within institutions of higher education face ramifications for their students, campus health centers, and how they educate and train their medical students. 

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