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The First Thing You Need To Do To Build Your Marketing Plan

Jan 21, 2015 2:17:29 PM

Marketing Plan

This time of year everyone is busy planning their personal and professional goals. Whether you call them goals, objectives, or milestones, the key to being successful is to actually write them down.

Aside from taking the time to write out your goals, you need to set measurable and specific goals. Simply having a goal of "increase customer satisfaction" doesn't mean much to you or anybody else who reads it. However, something along the lines of "reduce churn by 10% and improve customer satisfaction ratings from 80-90%" is both specific and measurable.

For more detail and goal suggestions, check out this article on Entrepreneur.

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Vennli is the content intelligence platform that empowers marketing leaders to increase the effectiveness of content marketing for each persona across every stage of the buyer’s journey - from awareness to advocacy. The smart content planning tool combines customer data and artificial intelligence, including insights about what matters most to the target market, to make intelligent content, messaging, and communication recommendations that will attract, convert, and retain more customers.

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