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Upgrade to a content marketing strategy that supports your brand

Mar 5, 2019 9:44:25 AM

Content marketing has evolved. No longer is more = better. However, with a shift to quality over quantity, a challenge remains: Creating content that elevates your brand. And doing it in a way that drives brand differentiation.

With content that delivers a meaningful message about what differentiates your brand in a way that matters to your targeted audiences, you will be able to attract the right customers. And, by consistently delivering brand content that appeals to those customers, you gain the ability to build long-term brand loyalty.

Convert more customers by creating a content marketing strategy that differentiates your brand with every post and upload — using these tips:

Assess your current content strategy. Audit your content strategy for strengths and weaknesses, comparing your content with that of key competitors. If your content is not different in a way that matters to your customers, develop a stronger brand-focused strategy by focusing on specific content elements, including the following:

  • Voice — Consider whether the voice of your content represents your brand. Also check for inconsistencies in tone. Your content, whether it’s a social media post, blog, ebook, video or infographic, should come across as familiar to your loyal customers. You want them to immediately recognize your brand content when they come across it.
  • Messaging — Along with a familiar and engaging tone, your content strategy should include the type of content that gives customers a comprehensive solution to a problem or motivates them to share it with colleagues or friends. Invest time in creating in-depth and creative pieces that stand out.
  • Content formats — Review the mix of content formats you’re using against your customers’ preferences. Customers’ online habits can change quickly. Analyze data to determine if your content strategy is reflecting the consumption changes among your audience. Long-form blogs, ebooks and whitepapers may be working well but it’s possible that you could gain even more conversions with content like video case studies and testimonials.
  • Distribution — In addition to owned media, such as your website, analyze the optimal earned media channels for reach your audiences. Add times and days into the calculation for distribution.

After this self-assessment, create a content strategy that outlines a plan for addressing opportunities. Even small tweaks that make your content strategy more brand-focused can result in an increase in conversions.

Search for new topic opportunities. As part of a competitive analysis, look for opportunities to differentiate your company with a topic that has not been extensively covered by your competitors.

If possible, use subject matter experts (SME) from your team to produce the content. These team members don’t necessarily need to be prolific at writing or speaking, if the knowledge they’re able to communicate is valuable to customers. Think of creative ways to convey the content. Webinars and Q&A sessions may be ideal ways to feature a SME.

Analyze your target audiences. If it’s been more than a year since your personas were reviewed, consider reviewing them to determine if they need to be updated. Not only do your customers’ needs evolve, especially in the wake of technology advancements, your company’s business plans are typically undergoing changes at the same time.

Use martech solutions that can help you gain a deeper understanding of your target audiences. You may discover opportunities to broaden your target audience — or refine it, as well as additional ways to meet the needs of the customers you already have.

A deeper development of target personas allows you to create a more relevant content strategy. Your team can focus on developing interactions with a better sense of what customers want from you. Use those insights to further distinguish your brand from your competitors.

Map out buyer journeys. A strong content marketing strategy should link to a clearly defined buyer journey, outlining the challenges customers are facing at each stage, and how your brand helps overcome them.

As you map out your buyer journey, focus on integrating elements of your brand to further distinguish your company and what makes you different from your competitors. This could be your attention to details, providing excellent customer service or more innovative, time-saving solutions.

When mapping the buyer journey, develop one for each of your target personas. Different audience segments have different needs. You can gain more conversions by creating a content experience that is unique to them.

Regularly audit your performance. As a team, determine how often you need to audit your brand-focused content marketing performance to gain the best results. More frequent audits can give you the insights needed to tweak or overhaul your strategy and, as a result, convert more customers.

Take the right steps to build a content strategy that attracts the right customers. We’ll show you how content intelligence differentiates your brand in ways that truly matter to your targeted audiences. Contact us for a demo today.

Patti Doyle
Written by Patti Doyle

Chief Customer Officer, Vennli

Patti is all about using content to connect with customers to drive marketing ROI. She is laser-focused on driving Vennli's customer experience and making sure that customers are delighted across the entire customer journey. (She is also passionate about super heroes and crossword puzzles.) Patti’s background is a blend of B2C, B2B, marketing, and general management, which helps her drive relevance with Vennli's customers. Patti received her MBA from Northwestern University where she specialized in combined finance and marketing. Her BS in Mathematics is from the University of Notre Dame. During her career, she has worked at Kraft Foods (Mondelez), PepsiCo, InnerWorkings and various private-equity back organizations.

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