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Use These 7 Tips To Avoid "Groupthink" In Meetings

Sep 9, 2014 1:30:27 PM


“Note-and-Vote�? the answer to soul-crushing groupthink meetings. You have been in the infamous brainstorm meetings where the same three people talk in circles or your mentor is sharing his ideas about product features. Stop looking for the fire alarm and champion in a new (efficient) way of thinking: “Note-and-Vote.�? The process where every individual is concentrated, thoughtful, and heard.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Note- 5 minutes - Everyone individually writes down as many ideas as they can. The list is just for them.
  2. Self-edit- 2 minutes - Each person picks one or two favorites on their list.
  3. Share and capture - Each person says top idea. One person writes all ideas on the whiteboard.
  4. Vote- 5 minutes - Each person chooses a favorite from the ideas on the whiteboard. Write the vote on paper.
  5. Share and capture - Write the votes on the whiteboard. Be accountable.
  6. Decide - Who is the chief? The person with final say. Everyone’s voice was heard and a decision has been rendered.
  7. Rejoice - Individual brainstorming works and is highly productive. It can be used in various situations whether you are coming up with new product features or the next company bonding event “Note-and Vote�? works.

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