Using Data to Back Up Branding


It’s common for non-marketing professionals to underappreciate what goes into branding. In an HBR video, “Why Brands Need a Clear Promise, Luca de Meo, head of sales and marketing for Audi, says “branding is not magic, it’s real business. He recommends that the marketing function use data to make marketing a credible business partner within the business.

Vennli is based on the idea that customer data should drive strategic decision making. Is your value proposition based on actual customer insights? Is your branding an actual reflection of customer perceptions? Branding is about having a story to tell customers that promises something of value to them. It must be relevant in order to drive brand loyalty and growth. Branding can’t be an internal exercise – its success depends on external relevance. How are you benchmarking your brand to your market?



Vennli is a content intelligence platform that helps marketers achieve growth objectives by delivering intelligent content, messaging and communications across the entire customer lifecycle - from awareness to advocacy. Vennli’s platform gathers real-time segmented persona data including insights about what matters most to your target market throughout the buyer journey/experience and makes intelligent recommendations on content, messaging and communication that will attract, convert and retain more customers.

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