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Vennli Announces Release 4.0 Launch

Jan 8, 2018 6:01:34 AM

Voice of the marketplace solution upgrades application with new reporting capabilities, improved visualizations, user-friendly dashboard

SOUTH BEND, Ind., Jan. 9, 2018 Vennli, the leading voice of the marketplace solution, today announced the launch of the most recent set of upgrades to their advanced analytics and data visualization platform. Release 4.0 includes enhanced reporting capabilities, a suite of improved visualizations, and a new dashboard for a more powerful user experience.

The new Vennli dashboard now features three components: the Performance Score, the Competitiveness Score and Priority Index. These at-a-glance-insights direct users exactly where they should focus with deeper insights and analysis using the vLens, Heat Map, and Metrics sections of the application. All of these metrics are designed to give users a turnkey snapshot of their brand’s performance, both independently and as it relates to competitors.

“With Release 4.0, our customers will be able to visualize marketplace insights better than ever before,�? said Patti Doyle, CEO. “The upgrades to the platform provide a more meaningful user experience and a clearer sense of customer choice and brand perception.�?

Upgrades to the cloud-based insight application are detailed below:
- The platform’s Recon section has been divided into a new set of menus: Choice, Create and Collect. As a result, identifying customer choice and gathering results is now easier and more intuitive.
- Metrics have moved into their own section. Beyond the richer visualization that has been incorporated into the app, users have significant flexibility on how they can review, filter and build segmentations with this information.
- The Performance Score tells users how the market views their offering, while the Competitiveness Score brings in the competitive set and tells businesses how their offering performs versus the competition.
- The Performance Score and Competitiveness Score have been brought together with a Priority Index in the new Vennli Dashboard that gives users an easily-accessible overview of their business.

“Our users are empowered to make informed decisions for their company using powerful voice of the marketplace insights to drive differentiated marketing messaging and product strategies with the increased knowledge of how customers perceive their brand and its competitors,�? said Doyle. “Vennli’s unique features and analytical insights deliver strong guidelines for where—and where not—a company should place its focus.�?

For more information about Vennli Release 4.0, visit

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