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Vennli's Dental Division Donates $1,650 to Oral Cancer Cause

Jul 8, 2015 4:24:35 PM

South Bend, IN – July 1, 2015: Vennli, the platform for creating and executing growth strategy, announced today that it has committed to supporting Oral Cancer Cause. The non-profit foundation's mission is to improve the quality of life for oral cancer patients through financial support so that they may face the world with peace and dignity during and after medical treatment.

Vennli will make its first donation to Oral Cancer Cause in the amount of $1,650 to help support oral cancer patients and their families who are experiencing financial strain because they may be unable to work.

“Oral Cancer Cause is a foundation Vennli is passionate about supporting. We know dentists are often the first medical professionals with the opportunity to recognize an oral growth or sore,�? said Rachel Mele, Vennli's Dental Division General Manager. “We believe every dentist should be offering an oral cancer screening as part of a patient's regular examination. We want to do our part here at Vennli to encourage that behavior and to provide financial assistance to oral cancer patients in need.�?

Oral Cancer Cause was founded by well-known dental practice management consultants Linda Miles and Robin Morrison, who both lost family members to oral cancer. OCC is dedicated to helping both patients and dental practices recognize the importance of early detection. By providing financial assistance to oral cancer patients, they are able to focus on their recovery rather than the burden of their financial commitments. OCC is supported by all volunteers, oral cancer advocates and ambassadors.

“We are thrilled to have Vennli as an Oral Cancer Cause sponsor,�? said Linda Miles, OCC's co-founder and President. “Rachel is a veteran of the dental industry and is committed to supporting our good cause here at OCC as well as the dental profession as a whole. Not only is Vennli impacting OCC, their software is helping dental companies and organizations like ours understand how dentists make purchasing decisions. This allows us to improve our strategic plans - it's a must for any company trying to find their competitive edge.�?

Vennli harnesses real-time customer insights and transforms them into growth strategies. It starts with an organization's biggest growth challenges and then focuses them into actionable growth cases focused on customer decision-making. The core of the software platform includes two key components: data collection via an electronic survey platform unlike anything else currently on the market and intuitive market visualization.

Vennli quickly conveys what customers want, which products and services they prefer, and identifies unmet needs. This allows organizations to strategize in order to drive differentiation, customer value, and growth.

The dental industry is a competitive market with dynamic customer needs, making it ideal for application of the Vennli software.

“The dental industry is changing quickly, and Vennli provides a way to be nimble and make strategic decisions based on an understanding of how consumers make decisions,�? said Rachel Mele, Vennli's General Manager, Dental Division.

About OCC

Oral Cancer Cause, Inc. (OCC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization born out of compassion for the many lives that have been lost to oral cancer and a passion for the many lives that can be saved. By blending the knowledge of early detection and treatment; comprehensive oral exams along with dedicated dental and medical professionals; and dental and medical corporations and associations, OCC will make a difference in the lives of many oral cancer patients and their families. For more information, please visit

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