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Vennli's Top 15 Posts of 2015

Dec 22, 2015 3:25:19 PM

Ring in the new year with some fresh insights that will set you up to crush your goals in 2016!

1. 5 Reasons to Break up with SWOT Analysis

Dear SWOT Analysis

It’s clear that SWOT serves a purpose – it draws attention to important factors impacting your business. But if it’s your only method for monitoring your position in a dynamic market with changing customer needs, then you’re opening yourself up to risk.

2. Uber and You - Competitive Advantage in 5 Minutes

Cab Fare

A business builds and sustains growth because it is different from competitors in ways that are important to customers. Growth means more customers are choosing you.

3. Driving Growth with 9 Words and a Picture

Business Concept Sketch

This 9-word imperative with visualization through the Venn and a customer conversation-driven process can help to understand the customers’ choice.

4. A New Playbook for Competitive Strategy


Know your customers, strategize around how to provide value that impacts their choices, and you will win!

5. 5 Ways to Grow Your Business Like a PE Firm


By applying these practices and working in partnership with their portfolio companies, top performing private equity firms continue to dominate the investment market and return record-breaking returns to their clients.

6. Stop Using Your Grandma's Strategy Tools - Evolve with your Customer


Throughout history, the best strategies have been fluid and flexible. Initial success doesn’t guarantee the future. When you win more power, you have to continually work to keep it. A strategist’s work is never done.

7. Dating Meets Corporate Strategy: What I Learned About Romance in Strategy Class

King and Queen

When you focus on a customer choice being made, you have a very targeted approach to developing a winning strategy. I have yet to “win�? the heart of my perfect match, but I hold out hope.

8. How to Minimize the Risk of Your Growth Strategy


With the probability of failure so high, the management of risk is an important task in today’s market. To minimize risk, do your due diligence for growth with an eye toward a single mantra: be different from competitors in ways important to customers.

9. 3 Steps to Influence Customer Choice During the Sales Process

Customer Choice

By listening and empathizing with your customers so that you can be strategic in the options you present, you can positively influence their choice and win your client’s business every time.

10. Volkswagen's Path to Recovery: Let the Customers' Voice Lead the Way


It’s too early to understand the full scope that this scandal will have on the automotive industry at large, but it’s clear that consumer perceptions have been strongly impacted. Now it’s up to Volkswagen to listen and let the customers’ voice determine their next moves.

11. 10 Books to Transform How You Think About Growing Your Business

Open Book

A good book can inspire us, change the way we think, and motivate us to work harder. Add some of these to your reading list to inspire some new thinking about how to grow your business!

12. Building the Pipeline for a University: A Case Study in Increasing Enrollment

Students At Library

By understanding how their “customers�? made decisions earlier on in their enrollment journey, the university was able to focus strategic tactics where they’d make the greatest impact, ultimately growing enrollment and revenue.

13. Suit Up and Get in the Game - It's Annual Planning Time!

Football Season

The challenges facing businesses are not something that can be solved in a 3-day strategic retreat. However, a well-run strategic planning summit can refresh a leadership and ensure the organization is confidently moving in the right direction. Are you ready to grow?

14. A Typical Strategic Planning Meeting in GIFs

Boring Seminar

It’s that time of year for many of us: annual strategic planning season. Time to pull together strategy, goals, and budget for 2016. What choices will you make differently in 2016 in order to challenge the status quo?

15. Growth Strategy for Today's Business Requires Customer Focus

Turn Up For Growth

At the core of every challenge to a business’ growth is a customer making a choice. Therefore, logically, the customer should be at the core of every decision a business makes. You can either start now and be on the cutting edge of your market or experience a rude awakening when growth stalls and your market is disrupted.

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